photo by Seth Grant

Rose Washbrook | Designer

A ZEST Feature for The Peel Literature and Arts Review

Rose Washbrook, a junior interior design major with a minor in building science, is committed to transforming corporate spaces, combining function, form, and personality.

“I was interested in the colors, and the patterns and the shapes of things and I think that’s when I became interested in the design aspect ... I’d wear crazy things and thought I was the shit. That aspect of fashion, that lets you be who you want to be, makes you, you. You can show that through clothes and design. That’s what I really like.”

Rose is still figuring out what her signature style is, but she isn’t worried about it just yet. She says that right now, she’s excited to continue learning more about design, and over time she will develop her skills and further grow as an artist.

By Hmon Ksor